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About Kool Kids

Welcome to Kool Kids

Our Philosophy

We love inspiring young minds – we embrace the concept that children thrive when we encourage them to explore the world around them and learn about themselves through interactive play with others.

Our 10 early learning centres across the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales offer plenty of opportunity for your child to realise their full potential in a creative and nurturing environment.

Choosing a Kool Kids early learning centre you can feel confident that your child will receive a head-start in their education. We focus on inspiring their imaginations with innovative, leading-edge, play-based learning programs. Our interactive iSandbox and Genki Japanese program are unique to Kool Kids centres, giving your child an exciting, rare experience. These are just some of the tools we use to open a wonderful world of possibilities for children to discover and learn.

That’s why Kool Kids are happy kids!

We celebrate interactive and innovative education

Children learn more during their early years than at any other time in their life. Our programs embrace this concept by nurturing their individuality, creativity and aspirations through play-based activities. Inspired by your child’s imagination and interests we explore concepts of literacy and numeracy in an engaging and fun way.

Our expert early childhood educators are known for their caring, fun and wide-eyed enthusiasm. Every day they prepare innovative and interactive learning experiences that are anchored in the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework.

We want to connect and collaborate

We understand the importance of family in the context of your child’s learning and development. Working with you from the get-go helps us to create an environment where your child feels safe, secure and happy to learn. It also assists us with recognising and fostering the relationships and cultural activities that are important to your child.

To achieve open dialogue, we will provide ongoing communication about your child’s daily activities and wellbeing. We also send regular, real-time updates and photos of your child’s learning via our Kindyhub app – meaning you have all information about your child at your fingertips. 

We have an open door policy

We would love you to play an active part in your child’s early learning experience and value your ongoing participation. You’re invited to drop in to your centre anytime to see how your child has settled in and is enjoying their learning environment.

We look forward to meeting you and your child! Find a centre near you.

The Kool Kids difference

The Kool Kids difference

Our amazing interactive iSandbox and Genki Japanese program are exclusive to Kool Kids centres, offering children unique and exciting learning experiences every time they walk through our doors.

Kool Kids are encouraged to step into the extraordinary every day!

We go above and beyond

Children learn more during their early years than at any other time in their lives. Our programs embrace this concept by nurturing their individuality, creativity and aspirations through play-based learning. Inspired by your child’s imagination and interests, we explore concepts of literacy and numeracy in a fun and engaging way.

Our expert early childhood educators are known for their caring and enthusiastic personalities.

They’re equipped with years of hands-on experience to adequately support your child when they need a little extra encouragement, a bear hug or a stroll in the yard. Our team is dedicated to bringing out the best in your child.


iSandbox is an exciting interactive tool exclusive to Kool Kids that inspires imaginative play and fosters language development. It uses augmented reality to take a traditional sandpit to magical new proportions.

A unique interactive software program transforms the sandpit into realistic 3D textures of water, snow, mountains, volcanoes and other natural elements. These amazing effects are coupled with beautiful music and the sounds of nature for a complete sensory experience.

Watch the video below to witness the wonders of iSandbox or pop into a Kool Kids centre near you to try it for yourself!

Genki Japanese

Genki Japanese curriculum is an artistically delivered Japanese language course exclusive to Kool Kids.The program is taught by our own native Japanese teachers in conjunction with a team of specially trained Kool Kids educators.

We also celebrate Japanese culture with food tastings, festivals, visits from Japanese children and childcare professionals, and performances for parents and friends.

Kool Kids centres also proudly offer the following services:

  • Nutritious meals prepared by our in-house chefs: Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age lays the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. At our Kool Kids centres*, children enjoy nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea prepared by our qualified chefs. Our menus are fresh, seasonal, balanced and nutritious. Look at a sample menu to discover our tasty fare. *Not currently available at Kool Kids Mermaid Waters and Kool Kids Miami
  • A government-approved kindergarten program: Our comprehensive curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and taught by a Bachelor-qualified early childhood teacher. The program focuses on developing literacy, numeracy and social skills through play to prepare your child for school and life beyond.
  • Interactive learning technology: We harness the power of the latest technology to help children acquire new skills and strengthen their knowledge. Our centres offer a range of interactive learning tools, including iPads, interactive TVs and iSandbox.
  • Extracurricular activities: We offer a wide variety of exciting extracurricular activities, including the Future Champs sports program, dance, music, yoga and more.
  • Regular festivities for annual events and special occasions: We love to celebrate special occasions such as Mother’s Day and NAIDOC Week with our children and their families. We hope you can join in the fun!
  • Educational children’s shows and special guests: We organise regular shows and guests at our centres to extend on the children’s learning. Some of our past shows have included:
    • Wild Rangers Wildlife Encounters: Children meet and learn about reptiles and mammals.
    • Planet Earth: Children learn about Earth and the solar system.
    • Ocean Life Education: We welcome marine animals into the centre.

We have centres across the Gold Coast and in the Casuarina area. Find your closest centre and contact us today

Your Child's Day

Your Child's Day

At Kool Kids, we celebrate that every child is unique. That’s why our activities vary by age and are tailored towards individual needs and preferences. Your child will experience a mix of familiar routine to make them feel safe and secure; and new activities to stimulate their learning and development.

Whether we are making the ocean and its animals come to life in our interactive iSandbox, focusing on finding our Zen during a relaxing Yoga session, or exploring language and culture with our very own Japanese program; every day is promised to be full of learning, laughter and fun.

That’s why Kool Kids are happy kids!

Explore our innovative, play-based activities

Our focus is on play-based learning, with activities designed to develop numeracy, literacy, fine and gross motor skills, as well as social engagement. While individual programs and facilities may vary by centre, a sample of our daily programs includes:

  • Learning about the different seasons in our exciting interactive iSandbox
  • Discovering a life-long love of reading in our state-of-the art children’s libraries
  • Exploring Japanese language and culture with our Kool Kids-developed Genki Japanese program
  • Discovering our rhythm through singing and playing instruments with our music program
  • Learning about nutrition during our cooking classes

Learn about age-specific programs

Children learn more at a young age than at any other time in their life. As they rapidly grow in size, their mental and emotional needs change equally as fast. Discover more about age-specific activities in your child’s room below:

Eating healthy is a key to happy development

Establishing healthy, balanced eating behaviours from an early age will lay the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. At our Kool Kids centres*, your child will enjoy nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are lovingly prepared by our in-house chef. Our menus are balanced, fresh, nutritious and seasonal. Take a look at a sample menu to get a feel for our fare.

We also enforce a strict NO NUT POLICY and have a separate management plan for children with special dietary requirements.

If you have any questions about our programs and daily activities, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

*Excludes Kool Kids Mermaid Waters and Miami early learning centres, where full kitchen facilities are not available.

Settling in to Childcare

Settling in to Childcare

Starting at any early learning centre or Kindergarten can be full of emotions for you, your child and the whole family.

You are probably asking yourself: How will I know that my child is settled and happy? Will the educators see to my child’s needs as well as I do? How can I prepare? What will my child learn?

At Kool Kids we recognise that this can be a challenging time and know that these questions are all perfectly normal. To ease your mind and make the transition a little easier, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips and an overview of what you can expect from us.

Preparing in advance

Preparing your family for a change in routine several weeks in advance is key to a smooth transition.

Start the process by explaining to your child (if old enough to understand) what is going to happen. You may even want to get a book from the library that talks about going to childcare to help set the scene.  

The next step is to spend some time getting to know your child’s new educators and centre. At Kool Kids we offer Stay And Play sessions, where you and your child can come along for morning tea and a play. As part of these sessions and the enrolment process, we make every effort to get to know you and your child as much as possible and form that all important bond. We’ll find out about your child’s likes, dislikes and routine so we can prepare for a smooth transition.

There are also a few things you can do at home to make the transition easier. Encourage a little more independent play, some time apart, getting up a little earlier and preparing a childcare bag with your child’s help (if they are old enough).

Lastly, it’s important to set positive expectations. Tell your child that they will be playing with lots of new friends and enjoying new activities. Put your own mind at ease knowing that at Kool Kids your child, no matter their age, will experience many new interactive, play-based learning experiences, celebrations and shows.

Managing emotions

Children are incredibly intuitive and will sense your emotions as you head into this new routine. If you feel doubtful and stressed, it is reasonable to assume that your child will feel equally uneasy.

Aim to make childcare a positive experience for everyone involved. Explain why you are leaving and when you will be back. Tell them that you look forward to hearing all about their adventures when you return to pick them up.

If your child finds comfort in a special item from home such as a blanket, favourite toy or book, let them bring it along for the day.

Your child’s first day

The first day at Kool Kids will set the tone for the journey ahead. You can feel reassured that our nurturing educators are there to help you every step of the way.

To set your family up for a smooth transition, start with providing a healthy dinner and ensuring your child gets plenty of rest the night before.

During the first few days or even weeks, try arriving with a little time to spare. This will enable you to spend some time getting your child comfortable with their new educators and environment.

When it is time to say your goodbyes try not to linger. Give them a big hug, tell them you love them and explain where you are going and when you will be back to pick them up. Establishing this simple and quick drop-off routine will make things much easier in the long run.

Also keep in mind that even if your child cries when you say goodbye, our educators are there to settle them and they will most likely feel better by the time you have left the building.

Staying informed

At Kool Kids we want you to play an active part in your child’s early learning experience. You’re welcome to drop in to your centre anytime to see how your child has settled in and is enjoying their new learning environment.

And of course the centre team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. If you feel you just want to call for an update, don’t hesitate – we’re always there.  We will also send regular updates and photos of your child’s learning and progress directly to you mobile via our Xplor app.

If you have any questions about our settling in process, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Parent App


We’re closer than you think

Keep track of your child’s learning. 

We’re taking parent communication to the next level with Xplor! 

Designed to be a central source of communications between our family and yours, Xplor will keep you up to date about your child anywhere, anytime, from any device. 

  • Sign-in and sign-out is now fast, easy and secure.
    With a single touch, you, or whoever you approve, can sign your child in and out. 
  • See moments that matter with photos, videos and more.
    Delivered daily, so you can continue your child’s learning at home. 
  • Get real-time visibility on nappy changes, sleep time, meals eaten and more.
    Total, real time visibility over the important things so you don’t have to worry. 
  • Book casual days with a single touch.
    With Xplor, it’s easy to pick up a casual day for whatever reason. 
  • View centre statements and fees with ease. 
  • Delve even deeper into your child’s learning with the web-based portal home.myxplor.com

Ask us how we provide real time updates direct to your device.