Centre Rooms

Babies (6 weeks - 24 months)

babies-roomOur Babies room provides a warm, nurturing environment where we focus on the needs of the individual child as we believe this is the main priority for the babies in our care.

We understand that baby needs are more intensive than older children, therefore we work closely with yourself, as we believe you are the primary caregiver and teacher. We endeavour to establish immediate and ongoing communication between our staff and yourself for the care and development of your child.

By providing a play based program that is reflective of each child’s individual needs, we provide a program that supports each child’s social and emotional development. Our program incorporates music, arts, and language and encourages each child to reach the milestones in their own development.

We provide air-conditioned sleep rooms for your child where your baby will have their own cot, which is fully certified safe by Australian standards. We understand the importance of having a sleep routine for your baby, and we will endeavour to ensure that your child’s sleep routine is implemented consistently within our centre.

In our babies room you will find we nurture, care and support each baby’s individual needs, while providing experiences that will encourage and develop your baby’s own unique sense of self.

Toddlers (15 - 24 months)

toddlers-roomOur Toddlers room reflects the need for a safe, nurturing and flexible approach to understanding the needs and wants of the children in this class.

The daily routine is also reflective of the children’s energy for each day yet we aim to maintain the routine as much as possible so to add to each child’s level of acceptance and security within the kindy environment.

We strongly encourage positive relations with all families and work together to provide your child with daily events that are familiar to them whilst also respecting your family ethics, culture and dietary beliefs.

We do ask that the children arrive by 9.30am so we are able to ensure a smooth transition into the day whilst also encouraging your child to feel welcomed and part of their peer group during our morning welcome.

Rest time is an important part of each day so to allow each child to re-energise themselves for the afternoon. During rest time we listen to peaceful music and sit with the children to help them feel calm and relaxed. We welcome you to bring along their bottle, special toy, dummy or blanket to help them feel more comfortable.

Our focus with all children of this age is support their social and emotional development before anything else. This in turn inspires each child to love learning which then becomes an integral part of their true self for life.

Overall our toddlers room is full of free self expression, structured experiences to enhance each child’s development and a focus on supporting each child to feel confident, accepted, loved and encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace.

Junior Kindy (2 - 3 years)

junior-kindy-roomOur Junior Kindy room is an extension of the care and nurturing from the toddlers setting. As the children are becoming more confident in most areas of development the focus of social and emotional development is nurtured whilst incorporating the extension of age appropriate structured learning.

The daily routine is full of fun and child reflective experiences that are based on cognitive, fine motor, gross motor and language skills.

All of the daily events are derived from the observations of each child and reflected through individual, small and large group activities that foster and support each child’s day with a holistic approach.

Our daily routine is similar to that from our toddlers room so the children are able to feel confident with knowing what to expect whilst also expressing their new found independence.

Our program is adaptable and flexible as we aim to work with each family and our centre broad goals to create a positive and productive environment where the children can have fun and feel excited about each new day.

Senior Kindy (3 - 4 years)

senior-kindy-roomOur Senior Kindy room is a lot more action packed than the juniors side of our centre. As the room size is larger the children are now ready to use all the skills they have learnt to fully engage in both interactive and solitary play.

We strongly believe that learning comes through play so all experiences are not only based on the child’s observed needs and age appropriateness yet also from what the children decide.

This room is where we support and encourage a lot of independence, self help skills, self awareness, free choice activities and learning via trial and error.

As the children’s interests grow so to do the depth of their daily plans whilst we aim for each child to follow the routine and feel confident socialising and verbally expressing their emotions.

We offer a range of opportunities to talk with families about how you would like to child’s learning and development to progress as we value the opportunity to care for your child.

We observe each child on a regular basis and are then able to plan experiences accordingly however many of our days experiences are spontaneous which allow for wonderful new challenges and learning to be inspired.

Our aim is to provide your child with a stimulating educational environment which offers each child the opportunity to develop and grasp valuable and appropriate life skills.

Preschool (4 - 5 years)

pre-school-roomOur Preschool room is the reflection of all the learning the children have accomplished throughout the last 4 – 5 years.

Children are gaining a mass of individuality, direction, communication skills and independence as to how they would like their day to be. For this reason we are able to focus on each child’s strengths, interests and needs to create each day with a flexible daily routine yet one where the children are offered a range of opportunities to involve themselves in activities based on learning areas such as science, mathematics, pre-reading, pre-writing, social and emotional, fine motor and gross motor skills.

Although these areas are offered throughout all age groups at our centre we are able to enhance these skills more readily with this age group in readiness for school. The Queensland Kindergarten Program is already implemented within Kool Kids, therefore employing a 4 year qualified Early Childhood Teacher to lead this class.

The children are the leaders of this class, telling us exactly as it is and really coming to understand the depth of human emotion. Social and emotional learning is a continued facet of importance with this age as we strive to create a supportive team environment where the children feel confident to discuss issues with their friends’ independently as well feeling comfortable just being who they are.

We aim for each child to progress into the school environment with excellence and ease!