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Kool Kids Early Learning Centre Helensvale

Welcome to Kool Kids Helensvale. Our childcare centre is conveniently located a stone’s throw from Westfield and Helensvale train station.

When you first step into our centre you will hear chirping from our in-house bird aviary, bubbling from our tropical fish tank and find respite in our relaxing Zen garden. We offer flexible hours of care for children from birth to six years and look forward to inspiring your child’s imagination with our play-based early learning programs.

Whether we are making the ocean and its animals come to life in our interactive iSandbox, focusing on finding our Zen during a relaxing Yoga session, or learning about language and culture with our very own Japanese Program; every day is promised to be full of learning, laughter and fun here at Kool Kids Helensvale.

That’s why Kool Kids are happy kids!

The Kool Kids difference

Our approach is holistic, caring and fun! Our nurturing staff create an inclusive and stimulating environment for your child to play and learn.

We always search for innovative ways to develop important skills. Our interactive iSandbox, for example, is an exciting new technology that opens a world of possibilities where children discover music, texture and sound. This fantastic tool lets lava flow, oceans swirl, grass grow and bubbles blow!

We also provide:

  • Nutritious meals, including Halal options, prepared by our onsite chef – see example menu
  • Learning technology, such as interactive TVs and iPads
  • State-of-the art children’s library to develop a life-long love of reading
  • Genki Japanese program with our own native Japanese teachers
  • Yoga sessions in our Zen garden
  • Future Champs sports program on our own soccer field and tennis court
  • Music program
  • Maximise your child care subsidy with 9 hour, 10 hour and full day sessions – find out more 

We also look forward to seeing you at regular events such as our movie nights and hope you will make yourself at home at our on-site coffee shop, where you can meet other families, or grab a coffee on the way to work.

The Kool Kids educational focus

At Kool Kids we embrace the concept that children’s learning and play is interrelated. Our educational program follows what is laid out in the Government’s Early Years Learning Framework. It encourages children to explore concepts of literacy, numeracy and social engagement through their personal interests. 

We also offer a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program, which is taught by Bachelor-qualified teachers and focuses specifically on getting your child Big School Ready. 

Peace of mind with the Kool Kids promise

 We understand that your child starting at an early learning centre can be full of emotions for your family. We promise to deliver consistency, stability and a safe and inspirational learning environment. To ensure you are part of the journey, we send regular updates and photos of your child’s learning direct to your mobile via our Kindyhub app. 

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Our centre proudly offers a kindergarten/preschool program to ensure your child is supported for their transition to school every step of the way. With a focus on language, literacy, numeracy, social skills and more your child will become ready for school.

Centre Manager profile and Educators

Our Centre Manager

Kim Lewis

How long have you been working in childcare?

15 years

What is your favourite part of working at the centre?

Supporting the children and staff in their growth and development!

What qualifications do you hold?

Diploma of Children’s Services.

What inspired you to become an educator?

Knowing that I could have input in a child’s life supporting them and guiding them to be the best they can and helping to shape their future.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Teacher.

What is one of your hobbies?


What message would you like to tell parents considering your centre?

Kool Kids Helensvale strives towards shaping your children and supporting them for their future endeavours. Each child is treated as a unique individual and mentored personally by each and every staff member at the service.


Educator qualifications

All educators at the centre are well qualified and experienced to work with the children. Our Group Leaders in the centre are required to hold a Diploma in Childcare or equivalent and all assistants either hold a Certificate in Childcare or are studying towards a Certificate or Diploma of Childcare.

It is a policy of the program that all educators are trained in First Aid and CPR procedures before commencement of employment and are required to attend refresher courses on CPR every 12 months and in First Aid every 3 years. This includes holding a current Blue Card (working with children check) which is updated every two years.

Educators are regularly sent to in-service training throughout the year to keep abreast of any happenings within the industry and to up-date any of their skills. Records of any training the staff undertake are available in the office.

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Our centre provides care for the following age groups:

Babies Toddlers Toddlers 2
0 – 2 years 15 months – 3 years 2 years – 3 years
Junior Kindy Senior Kindy Kindergarten
30 months – 3 years 3 years – 4 years 4 years – 6 years


Our service provides the following facilities:

  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Pin code security
  • Centre animals – Bird aviary
  • Sustainability program
  • Veggie garden
  • On-site parking
  • SMART Interactive Whiteboard/TV
  • Classroom technology – computers
  • In-house cook
  • Halal meal options
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Large, natural play environments
  • Water Play area
  • Early Childhood Teacher
  • Government Approved Kindergarten program
  • Future Champs
  • Kindyhub – a parent communication app that connects families with their children’s progression, development and daily learning
  • KindyNow – an app related to your child’s bookings with our centre

Future Champs

helensvale-playWe have Future Champs in the centre on Thursday mornings. Future Champs is a child care centre based, exercise and activity based program for children from two years old.


Professional tennis lessons are available with a professional tennis coach and take place on Monday mornings. This activity is elective, and subject to availability and for children over three years of age. Additional charges apply for this activity.


Professional soccer skills are taught to the Senior Kindy and Pre-school age children upon an elective option by families, as per tennis. Additional charges apply for this activity which occurs on Fridays.

Genki Japanese

Genki Japanese is Kool Kids’ own second language program, and is offered to children from Toddlers through to Pre-school. It is run two days per week in our centre on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings. The Genki Japanese program is offered as part of the educational program taught at Kool Kids and is included in our daily fee charges.

Educational Children’s Shows

Each year we will organize a number of educational shows to come to Kool Kids Helensvale. We try to ensure that there is at least one show per month, and the cost of these is simply added to your account for that week if your child attends on the day of the show.

Shows vary from puppet shows, musical performances, magic shows, farms animals, storytelling, hands on experiences, multicultural shows and informative learning shows on various topics including dental hygiene. Check out this year’s .

Professional Photographs

We have a yearly booking for professional photographs for each individual child and class photos.


We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your child’s birthday celebrations. Birthdays are special times and the centre would love to share this time with your child. You may like to send a cake to be shared by your child’s group, to help celebrate the occasion.


Reviews and Testimonials

See what some of our parents say about our centre:

Thank you so much for the ‘action’ pictures of Jessica first thing after separation and throughout her day, I love to receive these, it makes me feel reassured as a parent and is clear evidence that she is happy and enjoying her day.

The observations and captions written daily, show me, that you really care about getting to know my child and that you are listening to her individual personal and educational needs, and that you are passionate about extending her learning and development.

Jessica has come on leaps and bounds since attending Kool Kids Helensvale (only 2 weeks ago!) her happiness and confidence has grown and ‘drop off’ is a doddle, which is what every parent wants before a hard day’s work 🙂 No matter what time I attend, each staff member is professional in greeting both myself and Jessica by her name, (which makes her feel special and me very welcome).

Lisa, you are leading a great team, you are approachable, eager to please and I know that you genuinely strive to provide the best possible care and education for each child in your care.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone for your love care shown to Jessie and remember …….the first 5 years in a child’s life ARE the most important, it sets the foundation for her future and her learning, she will remember you, she will remember the things you show her and she will remember the things you say, your job role is so magically vitally important. If you are giving the best, I know my child is getting the best :)”

– Claire Leach


“This letter is to express my gratitude for two special ladies that take extreme care of not only my son but many other toddlers on a daily basis. I am writing to you today to express my gratitude to them for the continuous effort that goes into their daily routine of teaching toddlers the baby steps of life. They are the ones that are in charge of nurturing the learning foundation of every child and in this matter I would like to say a massive thank you to them and also to you for hiring such wonderful staff within your centre.

Miss Janelle and Miss Peta welcome my little man into their classroom every morning, 4 days a week with arms wide open and a massive smile. Regardless of how hectic their morning may be or how many children are already preoccupying them they both take the time to comfort Westin when it comes to mummy leaving. I wouldn’t ever know if either one were having a bad day because the love and warmth that goes into every child’s arrival is so gratifying to see.

Their patience and love for Westin and every other toddler around is incomparable and I want you to know that they are such effective and sufficient teachers. Over the last couple of months Westin has been showing me so many things that I have never taught him. I know that these things have come from his class because I use their daily email as a reference point to how his day was spent. I only have to mention something from these emails and he starts dancing or doing actions to a song they have been learning and for that I am ever so grateful. It melts my heart to be able to watch him do the simple little things that he has been taught by people we trust while I am working. The daily emails I receive are not just a basic cut, copy, paste email, they are full with descriptive activities, words, smiles and laughter all rolled into one. They make my day on a daily basis.

Today was the first day since Westin begun at Kool Kids that he felt comfortable enough to let go of me and say bye mum, no tears, no dummy, no blanky, just bye mum. Even though it has taken some time I am forever grateful to Janelle and Peta for making their room a safe, fun, happy place that Westin has grown to feel safe in but most importantly, they need to be thanked for loving my boy when I can’t be there. It makes me be able to concentrate on what I have to do at my job without the thought “Is Westin ok”.

A simple ‘thank you’ seems inadequate, but THANK YOU all the same. I truly wish they both could be Westin teacher throughout his entire kindergarden experience because when the time comes for him to move up it will be sad to say goodbye, even if it is only next door.”

– Melanie & David Willmot. Son; Westin Lee Willmot.


“I am writing this email to say thank you so so very much.

My little boy Talon absolutely loves your Helensvale Centre he squeals with excitement every single day when we drive into the car park.

But I would especially like to let you know how much I value Talon’s teacher Michelle, she goes above and beyond for those kids, she genuinely loves her job.

The way Michelle interacts with the babies is amazing, Michelle makes that room AMAZING! I was freaking out about leaving Talon at only 5 months old but now everyday knowing that he is being cared for by the best is great and the environment and education you are providing is extraordinarily warm, efficient, and inviting while still being educational and fun.

I think it’s great to point out people who are doing an amazing job and I think Michelle deserves a huge amount of praise from me as a first time Mum handing my child to someone to look after I would choose Michelle and the Kool Kids Centres everytime without a doubt. I personally think Michelle and Lisa make the Helensvale Centre truely the best place to be…. Choosing your centre has been one of our best parenting decisions so far.”

– Katie-Jane Lawrence


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We’d love to welcome you to Kool Kids Casuarina. Please fill out the below form to register interest and one of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your needs.

Please note: filling in this form does not guarantee a place. We recommend visiting a centre for a tour and meeting our friendly educators.