As part of our commitment to providing your child the best early learning experience, we’re proud to announce “Kindyhub”.

kindyhub-appKindyhub is a communication tool, allowing us to easily share your child’s daycare experience with you. Our educators capture your child’s achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories. Kindyhub saves us time, in-turn allowing us to spend more time with your child.

We have also released our very own “Kool Kids” App, thanks to the Kindyhub Team where you have a secure and private login to access information from us at will.

Snapshots will be sent to you via email/app with photos, a daily overview from your child’s group and the learning outcomes they meet. This is another first for child care and developed for Kool Kids!

To learn more about Kindyhub, visit

Confidentiality of Centre Records

We value your privacy. Please check the following link to view our Confidentiality of Centre Records Policy.