Genki Japanese Skype Lessons


At the Kool Kids child care centres, we carry out Skype exchanges on a once a month basis at each Pre-school room between two Japanese organisations where the Japanese children learn English. The pre-school children interact with the Japanese children in both English and Japanese, for example we sometimes sing “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” together in English and Japanese.

Children often have opportunities to talk with a Japanese child individually asking things like the age and the weather. Through the Skype exchange, I have observed that the children are interested in Japan and communicating to the children in Japan. We have discussed how to travel to Japan, how far it is, and so on. I could see the children were motivated in using the Japanese language more so that they can talk to the friends living in a different country. 

View more photos of skype lessons in our gallery

Video of Skype Exchange

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