Genki Japanese Newsletter April 2015

In March, I continued to teach the children UNIT 2(Numbers, Counting and my age), I started teaching the children Colours. Preschool children learned how to count up to 20 in Japanese now. The children learned basic colours such as AKA(red), AO(Blue), Kiiro(yellow) and Midori(green). The children sang counting song 2 ( Don na oto?- What’s the sound we can make?) using their fingers gestures and we sang colour song (Don na iro ga suki?- What colour do you like?) with hand puppets. The children love those songs and enjoyed singing and all actions.

Junior Kindy, Senior Kindy and Preschool children of all centre finally have done “Japanese calligraphy writing with special black ink(Indian ink) and brush on the special Japanese writing paper. Every child was sitting down with correct posture and tried to hold brush with proper way. Then they tried to write one of the Japanese characters such as “/three”,”/mountain or ””/big” depending on their age group while looking at a copy. This is not only practice for writing a letter or a character; this will also help the children to develop the concentration. Calligraphy arts the children wrote look cool on the wall of each class room.

Also the children made Koi Carp which is symbol of children’s day. I organized some different way to make this craft depending on their age group. Toddler children glued some piece of colorful triangle papers as scale on the Fish (Carp). Junior kindy children did same way as toddler children but also they put eye on the correct place on the fish as well.                                                                                            

Senior Kindy children draw a pattern on the fish with crayon and after that they painted all over the fish with water paint. We can still see through what children draw under the paint. And they fold the paper to make fish’s mouth and glued eye on the fish. Preschool children did same way as senior children but they made 3D fishes which look great.   


  Since we have changed preschool’s lesson time from 11:30~12:00 to 09:15~09:45, it is working well and the preschool children settled down and they are getting better to concentrate for the Japanese lessons.  Chef, Julie made Japanese curry rice for the children’s lunch. On that day I sang Curry rice song to the children with hand puppets to introduce how to make curry rice. I visit the children at their lunch time, and most of the children enjoyed Japanese curry rice.


Preschool children had a skype lessons with our sister school in Japan. We counted numbers from 1 to 10 in Japanese and the Japanese children counted numbers in English. We sang a song “Atama, kata, hiza and pon( Head, shoulders, knees and pon” in Japanese and they sang a song “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” in English. We sang both songs together in English and Japanese which was great! We enjoyed some quizzes with each other, too. The children were very excited to see the children in Japan in real time.                                                                                                            

*Pac Pines                                                           

We had one internal skype lesson with Clear Island waters. I think this was a very good experience for both of the children to see each other how other Koolkids children to learn Japanese.  Due to Sally’s request, we have changed Japanese lesson time 30min earlier for Thursday morning. Now first lesson has been held at 09:15.


   I have spoken to one of Mum and she said her younger child is very enjoying Japanese lessons and also her big brother and sister have learned Japanese at Koolkids when they were kindy age, then they have continued learning Japanese at school now. Younger child is always showing her new words of Japanese to the big brother and sister at home. And three of her children are often talking about Japanese lessons each other. That Mum said that it is amazing and I was pleased to hear that.


A Couple of teachers or three of them for toddler 2 sit down with the children all of the time and encourage the children, also they are joining my lessons as good model for the children. They enjoyed my lesson with the children and gave me a lot of questions and some requests, that will be great!  

   In May I am continuing to teach Unit 3, which is “Colours and the Question: Where is / are…?”.

My to do lists are

  • I will organize skype lesson schedule for June with sister school in Japan.
  • I’m going to do the children’s day event.
  • I will have a general meeting with Hiromi.

*My annual leave

As you know, I will be away for 16days from Thursday, the 14thof May to Friday, the 29th of May for family reasons.

Kind regards


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