Genki Japanese Newsletter November 2015

Konnichiwa (Hello), Parents and Caregivers.

Genki?(How are you?)

In October, we learned Unit 8, which is “Adjectives and their opposites”. The children learned how to say oki(big) and chisai(small), nagai(long) and mijikai(short) also atusi(hot) and samui(cold). We did various activities including hamburger shop, card activity, dice game and strings game. Preschool children also learned extra words such as kawaii(pretty) and kakoii(cool), akarui(bright) and kurai(dark) etc. To practice retention – we read some Japanese stories such as “Kurai, kurai(dark)”and “ Okina kabu(a big radish)”etc. Some of preschool children tried to perform a play of Okina kabu story while putting characters mask on their forehead. The children liked that and it was fun. We sang a song called “Itomaki(making shoes )song” using our hand gestures. The children pretended to make a pair of kawaii(pretty) shoes for their mum while singing this song. Also the children made a pair of chisai(small) shoes for the baby using small voice and small gestures. Then they made a pair of oki(big) shoes for their Dad as well using big voice and big gestures. The children also learned how to say “Here you are” in Japanese which is “Dozo” and they pretended giving shoes which they pretended making to their mum, the baby and their dad while saying that “dozo”. Through these activities they acquired a working knowledge of the images and the applicable adjectives.

Preschool children have continued the skype exchanges with our sister school in Japan. Our children sang “Itomaki song” in Japanese while pretending to make kawaii shoes for the Japanese children and after we sang the song, we gave those shoes to the Japanese children while saying “dozo” through the screen. And the Japanese children said “Thank you” to us. The Japanese children sang “trick or treat song” in English and showed us their Halloween costume. One of Japanese group sang “Oki na kuri no kino shitade (Under the spreading chestnuts tree)” in English and Japanese. Our children happened to learn this song as a trial for next year’s curriculum and our Ashmore children could sing this song with gestures with the Japanese children together. It was great! Also Ashmore children showed their Halloween crafts such as ghost, pumpkin and bat to the Japanese children and explained how to make those. Helensvale children performed “ABC song” in English. Miami children showed their craft works such as penguin and polar bear and explained how to make those craft. One of Japanese group children performed “Soran Bushi” dance for Mermaid children. “Soran Bushi” is one of the most famous traditional minyo songs in Japan. It is a Japanese sea shanty that is said to have been first sung by the fishermen of Hokkaido, northern Japan. During regular intervals of the dance, the words: “DOKKOISHO! DOKKOISHO! SORAN! SORAN!” is called. Those words were used in the past to encourage the fisherman during their work. Little Japanese children’s Soran Bushi dance was cool!  Both of our children and the Japanese children really enjoy communicating each other through skype screen. Please come and have a look our valuable experience.     

In November I am going to teach Unit 9, which is “Directions – 2 verbs movement Part 2”.

I would really appreciate your involvement in Genki Japanese and your understanding.

Have a great month!

Arigato~. (Thank you.)

Haruko Sensei.

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