Genki Japanese Newsletter August 2016

In June we taught the children Unit 6, which are Shapes and Weathers. The children learned basic shapes such as Maru(circle), Sankaku(triangle), Shikaku(square) , Hoshi(satr) and Hartoh(heart) in Japanese. Also the children learnt basic weather words such as Hare(sunny), Kumori(cloudy), Yuki(snowy) and Ame(rainy).Preschool and Seneior kindy children learnt extra words such as Kaze(windy), Kaminari (thunder) and Arashi(stormy). Toddler children learnt numbers up to five with their body gesture in Japanese.


We found out those shapes in the class room or outside. The children were concentrating on looking for those shapes and when they found the particular shape, they looked excited. The children made those shapes with their fingers, hands and arms then also they tried making those shapes with strings as well.  

To practice retention- we read a book “Maru maru koro koro” and found out what we can make from different colours or sizes of Maru(circle) shapes.

We sang some songs called “Kirakira boshi(twinkle twinkle little star)”, “ Otenki song(weather song)” and “Maru Sankaku Shikaku(circle, triangle and square). All of the children love “Otenki song” and they could sing it very well with their body gestures. And the children established basic Otenki(weather) words in Japanese. “Kira kira boshi” is also one of the popular songs for all of the children and even toddler children enjoyed singing this song.

All Centre except Ashmore had events called UNDOKAI(Genki sports day). The children played the game called TAMAIRE(ball toss game). Before start game, Preschool children and senior kindy children danced to the exercise music called “Ebi Kani’cs (prawn & crab exercise) that they have been practising. They stretched their arms, legs and twisted their body for warming up.

In the ball toss game, each team of red and white children threw small newspaper ball into their own basket placed on top of a high pole. And we counted the number of the balls in each basket together and found out which team had more balls in their basket. All children tried very hard to toss a ball in their basket as much as they could. Toddler children enjoyed picking up a ball from ground and putting into the basket on the ground or little bit higher place and repeated many times.

Preschool children and Senior kindy children had an experience of TSUNAHIKI(tug of war) as well. Both teams of the children pulled the rope each other with all their might and it looked so exciting. When they won the game they shouted with delight and children of both team praised each other for their best.

TAMAIRE and TSUNAHIKI are very popular and traditional games at the sport carnival from old days in Japan. The children had experience a different culture through this event too. Thank you for the Parents and Caregivers who attended this event with us. I hope everybody enjoyed it.

Ashmore children will have UNDOKAI on 2nd of August.

We continued to communicating with our sister school in Japan on skype. In July, preschool children from Southport, Mermaid Waters, Helensvale and Clear Island waters had skype lessons. We did quizzes about shapes in both of English and Japanese. And Japanese children sang “Incy wincy spider” in English and our children sang it together through big screen. Our children sang “Kira kira boshi (twinkle twinkle little star” in Japanese and the Japanese children sang it with us too. The children really enjoyed to communicate with Japanese children.

In August we are going to teach Unit7, which is “Animals and I like/I don’t like” and the children will learn both of farm animals and sea animals. Toddler children will learn unit3, which is “colours”.

We would really appreciate your involvement in Genki Japanese and your understanding.

Have a great month and see you all soon!

Arigato~. (Thank you.)

Haruko Sensei and Hiromi Sensei

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