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Effective Transition To School

“Can you tell me about your School Readiness Program?” is possibly the most asked question of Centre Managers, followed closely by “Do you think my son/daughter is ready for School?” The concept of readiness; and more broadly, being capable to emotionally process the complexity of transitions, is the fundamental base of any quality transition to […]


Genki Japanese Newsletter September 2016

Konnichiwa (Hello), Parents and Caregivers. In July we taught the children Unit 7 about animals and I like/I don’t like. The children learned basic sea animals such as Sakana(fish), Kame(Turtle), Kani(crab)  and Hitode(star fish) in Japanese. Also the children learnt basic farm animals such as Ushi(cow), Hitsuji(sheep), Buta(pig) and Ahiru(duck). Preschool and Senior kindy children […]