Genki Japanese Newsletter September 2016

Konnichiwa (Hello), Parents and Caregivers.

In July we taught the children Unit 7 about animals and I like/I don’t like. The children learned basic sea animals such as Sakana(fish), Kame(Turtle), Kani(crab)  and Hitode(star fish) in Japanese. Also the children learnt basic farm animals such as Ushi(cow), Hitsuji(sheep), Buta(pig) and Ahiru(duck). Preschool and Senior kindy children learnt extra words such as Hebi(snake), Pengin (penguin), Wani(crocodile) and Hiyoko(chick). The toddler children learnt basic colours in Japanese.

We also played a fishing game. The fishing game is one of the most popular activities for the children and all the children enjoyed catching paper sea animals with the fishing rope. Also we found some sea animals under the water and tried to say “~ suki” or “~suki jya nai”(“I like ~” or “I don’t like ~”). 

We then played quoits. The children threw a ring made by newspaper over the bottles. All bottles have a picture of farm animals and the children said what the animal’s name was on the bottle they got in Japanese. The children also said that “they like ~.” or “they don’t like ~.” in Japanese too. Afterwards we played a card matching game of farm animals and a coin game too. It was the first time the children learned the name of farm animals in Japanese. We will continue to teach those words throughout this year and 2017.

We sang some songs called “Yukai na amkiba (old MacDonald had a farm)” and “Kaeru song (frog song)” . The children learnt the funny noise of frogs in Japanese and enjoyed singing with funny noises. The Toddler children liked the “Crayon song” with glove puppets and the “Balloon song” with paper puppets. The children of Clear Island Waters, Mermaid Waters and Isles of Capri read the story called “Oki na Kabu (The giant turnip) on panel theatre and loved the story.

The children of Ashmore and Helensvale made Asagao(Japanese morning glory) art. In keeping with the meaning of its name in Japanese, “morning face,” it blooms in the morning and the blossoms close up immediately. In the hot, humid Japanese summer, Asagao blooming in the cool morning air soften people’s hearts.

The children dyed paper to make Asagao flowers (paper chromatography art). Preschool and senior kindy children put Asagao art on the coloured paper plate and made Uchiwa. The children enjoyed dyeing paper. The children of Pacific Pines, Miami and Southport will make Asagao art in the first week of September.

The children of Clear Island Waters, Mermaid Waters and Isles of Capri enjoyed their Origami work. The little children made dog and cat faces and the older children made paper airplanes. The children like making things with origami paper. The children also played Japanese toys such as Kendama etc.

We continued to communicate with our sister school in Japan on Skype. In August, the preschool children from Isles of Capri, Helensvale and Pacific Pines had Skype lessons. We asked about the weather in English and Japanese and found out it is summer and very hot in Japan. We also discovered that our weather is the opposite of Japans. The Japanese children sang “Paper, scissors, rock” in English and we sang “Kaeru (frog) song” in Japanese. We also showed the Japanese children the “paper scissors rock” song, because we can sing this song in Japanese.

We did quizzes about foods and animals in both English and Japanese and when the Japanese children answered correctly, our children said “well done!” and clapped their hands. Some of Helensvale and Pac Pines children introduced their name, and then they showed the Japanese children their Olympic symbol art and explained how they made it. Also the Helensvale children showed their big Olympic torch and the Japanese children liked it. We pretended to hand over this torch to the Japanese children through big screen because the Olympics will be held in Japan in 2010. Both of us enjoyed communicating with each other through Skype.  

A homework sheet has been updated for Unit7-10. Please take one and enjoy Japanese at home with your children.   

In September we are going to teach Unit 8, which is “Foods and I like/I don’t like”. The Toddler children will learn unit 4, which is “body parts”.

Also all of the Centres will have an event called “Let’s make sushi” in September.

The date and the time can be found at each Kool Kids Centre. Parents and Caregivers are welcome to come and join our event with your children.

We would really appreciate your involvement in Genki Japanese and your understanding.

Have a great month and see you all soon!

Arigato~. (Thank you.)

Haruko Sensei and Hiromi Sensei

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