Genki Japanese Newsletter October 2016

Konnichiwa (Hello), Parents and Caregivers.

Each centre had an event called “Let’s make sushi” in September! The sushi event is a very popular event for the children. We also had some volunteers participate on the event day! We had eight international high school students from Okayama, Japan who are studying at Saint Stephens College for a year and two Japanese ladies who live on the Gold Coast. On top of that we had two high school students from Varsity College who are also studying Japanese at school every Saturday. All of them are so friendly and they helped our children to make their own sushi.

The children put seaweed on the bamboo mat, put rice on the seaweed, and then the children chose from cucumber, chicken, avocado and tuna mayo. After that the children rolled their sushi up with the bamboo mat and they were able to enjoy the sushi they had made for themselves!

Some of the children asked “Can I have chicken and avocado?” or” I would like to put tuna and cucumber”. Some of them said “I have sushi every Tuesday”. “I make sushi with mum at home”. “I often go to sushi train”. One of the children said “I don’t like seaweed but I like the rest of that.” Some of the children didn’t like sushi but all the children had the experience of different food and culture. Many children enjoyed making their hand made sushi and many of them asked for a second one. We recognised that sushi has become popular among many people in Australia. Thank you to the parents and caregivers who attended this event and we hope you enjoyed making sushi with your children. Also thank you to all of volunteers who attended our sushi events.

In September we taught the children Unit 8: Foods and I like~/I don’t like ~. The children learnt basic fruits such as Ringo (apple), Suika (watermelon), Remon (lemon), Banana (banana) and Bru-beri (blueberry) in Japanese. Also the children learnt some vegetables such as Pi-man (capsicum) and Tamanegi (onion).Preschool and Senior kindy children learnt extra words of some Japanese foods such as Soba, Sushi, Sukiyaki and Tempura. The Toddler children learnt basic body parts and facial features in Japanese.

We played a dice game, fruit basket game and a shopping game. In the shopping game, the children said the names of fruits or vegetables in Japanese that they wanted to buy in the shop. They then found Japanese coins in the special purse and paid for their items. The children enjoyed finding matching coins to pay and buy their groceries. We continued to learn how to say “~ suki” or “~suki jya nai”(“I like ~” or “I don’t like ~”) and most of the preschool and senior kindy children can say both of phrases in the correct situation. The Toddler children played dice games and a making funny faces (fukuwarai) game.

We sang some songs called “Kuishinbo no Gorira (a greedy gorilla)” with puppets and “Fruits song”. The children learned some words of tasting such as Oishi~ (yummy), Amai (sweet) and Suppai (sour) in Japanese as well and enjoyed singing with their gestures. The Toddler children liked “Atama kata hiza pon(head, shoulder, knee and pon” with body gestures and also “Kira kira boshi (twinkle twinkle little star)” with holding stars in the air.

We continued to communicate with our sister school in Japan on Skype. In September, the preschool children from Mermaid Waters, Helensvale, Clear Island Waters and Miami had Skype lessons. Our children sang “A greedy gorilla song” in Japanese and the Japanese children sang “Paper scissors rock song” in English. Some of the Helensvale children showed and explained how to spell their name. The Japanese children said “Wow, that’s excellent!” and some of the Japanese children showed our children their autumn craft works which were chestnuts and dragonflies.

Some of the Mermaid Waters and Clear Island Waters children introduced their name to each other with the Japanese children in English and in Japanese and said “Hello” to each other. Some of the Miami children showed their Jack and the Beanstalk’s art and craft. The Japanese children really liked it!

Again a homework sheet has been updated for Unit7-10. Please take one and enjoy Japanese at home with your children.   

In October we are going to teach Unit 9, which is “Adjectives and their opposites”. The Toddler children will learn unit 5, which is “Emotions”.

We would really appreciate your involvement in Genki Japanese and your understanding.

Have a great month and see you all soon!

Arigato~. (Thank you.)

Haruko Sensei and Hiromi Sensei

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