Genki Japanese Newsletter August 2017

Konnichiwa (Hello!) Parents and Caregivers,

In the month of June, we taught the children about Emotions as part of Unit 5.

In July, the children learned how to say basic shapes in Japanese such as MARU (circle), SANKAKU (triangle), SHIKAKU (square), HOSHI (star), and HARTOH (heart).

To properly establish shapes in Japanese, we organised a dice game, matching cards game, as well as a finding and making shapes game. When the children said each of those words, they also made a shape with their fingers. We found each shape inside the room, and it was fun! We also made some shapes with a string. The learning experience was not only about establishing the words, but developing the children’s fine motor skill as well.   

In the month of July, we also read a book called “Kono Katachi Nani? (What shape is this?). Through this, we explored what shape we can see in the picture, or what can we draw using some shapes. We then established those words in Japanese. The children said “I can see Maru (circle) in the sun.” or “I can draw Fish if I use some Sankaku (traiangles)”etc.  The children enjoyed finding shapes in the picture.                                                                                                 

All the toddler children learned basic body and face parts such as ATAMA (head), KATA (shoulders), HIZA (knees), ASHI (toes), ME (eyes), MIMI (ears), HANA (nose) and KUCHI (mouth) in Japanese. They enjoyed singing a song called “Atama kata hiza pon!” with their little arms and hands gestures.                                                                                                                   

This month, we celebrated the Tanabata (Star) Festival at all our Kool Kids centres.
Tanabata is delivered from the Japanese legend of Orihime (weaving princess/Vega) and the Hikoboshi (cow herder/Altair), who are separated by the Amanogawa (milky way). 

Japanese kids activity
They can only meet once a year. On the night of 7th July every year, we display bamboo leaves with a strip of paper and ornaments to celebrate their reunion.
It is believed that a wish comes true when you write your wish on the paper strips, and hang them on the bamboo. To celebrate, the children made pretty ornaments and wishing paper. They then hung it on the Bamboo tree for decoration on the day of the event. 

One of the girls wrote “I wish for a mermaid tail”, some of them said “I wish for mum/dad”. One of the preschool boys wrote “I wish for a riding horse.” One of the preschool girls wrote “I want be a teacher in the future.” The children are so adorable!
We also sang a song “Kira Kira Boshi(twinkle twinkle)” in Japanese to celebrate Tanabata.

Kira Kira Boshi is one of the popular songs the children love. We sang it while holding a little star!
As part of this festival, we hope all of your wishes come true! Thank you to the Parents and Caregivers who attended this event with us. I hope everybody enjoyed it.

As we may have mentioned before, we are using Japanese to communicate with our sister school in Japan on Skype.

The preschool children from Nerang, Clear Island Waters and Miami had Skype sessions with Japanese children. In one of the sessions, we asked about the weather in Japanese and English. One of our children said “we are wearing long sleeves or jumpers on but the Japanese children are wearing short sleeve shirts.” Then we found out it is winter here in Australia but it is summer in Japan, and that we have are opposite weathers! We quizzed each other on shapes and emotional words. The Japanese children showed their song, “Open shut them” in English and our children sang it together. Our children showed the “Kaeru (frog)” song or “Te wo tatakimashou (Clap your hands)” in Japanese with their body gestures.

Some of the children introduced their name each other and said “Hello!” to each other. 

In the month of August, we will be teaching children Unit 7, which is Foods and ‘I like’ vs ‘I don’t like’.

We really appreciate your interest and involvement in Genki Japanese. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask us anytime.

Have a great month and see you all soon!

Arigato~. (Thank you.)

Haruko Sensei, Hiromi Sensei and Chie Sensei


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