Sushi, yoga & endless fun: A day in the life at Kool Kids

There are early education centres, and then there are Kool Kids early education centres.

Lucky enough to call the Gold Coast home, our 10 Kool Kids centres are some of the best places for children to be. They’re each dedicated to a common goal: inspiring young minds through interactive play with others.

From the outdoor equipment to the extra-curricular activities, it’s all about children having fun, coupled with innovative programs that offer a whole new learning experience.

If you’re curious about what a day in the life at Kool Kids might look like, here’s a little glimpse into a very ‘Kool’ and unique world…

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The fun

Come in and see everything there is to do here. Look inside – you can paint, draw, read a book or build a tall tower with blocks! Keep an eye out for your educators. They’re here to take you on a bear hunt, sing you a song or just sit down and give you a cuddle if you need a break.

Ready to jump, run or climb? Go outside and take a look at the colourful playground. See the slides, the swings, the ladders. Go through the tunnels, water the plants, ride the cars, throw a ball! What will we do first?

Kool Kids children are lucky enough to engage in a daily program that offers a wide variety of activities, including sport, art, language and music – to name just a few.

Centre educators, who are trained professionals, know that play time is learning time for kids; and so they’ll be led in activities that support their learning and development. They’ll also have plenty of time to use their imagination to make up new games, taking in new information and forming new relationships while having all that fun!

The food

Hope you’re hungry after all that play time, because there are some really yummy things to eat today. How about vanilla chia seed pudding pots for morning tea? Minty lamb koftas for lunch? And we can’t wait for DIY fruit salad for afternoon tea…

Sound delicious? That’s because it is. Kool Kids has partnered with Gold Coast Nutrition and Health Coach, Karla Gilbert, to create new menus for centres. Expect seasonal menus full of healthy, brightly coloured and tasty meals to launch from early 2020, designed to please even the fussiest of taste buds. Each menu has also been dietician-approved to ensure it meets health and nutritional guidelines, along with recommended dietary requirements.

The language

Are you ready? Today we’ll be learning the Japanese version of ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’, ‘Kira Kira Boshi’. Or maybe we’ll make some paper lanterns, just like the ones you might see at a festival in Japan. Then gather around while we do a cooking demonstration and try some yummy curry rice!

From the food to the people, there’s a lot to love about Japan, and Kool Kids are some of the first to learn this with the Genki Japanese program. This artistically-delivered language course is exclusive to Kool Kids centres, and utilises native Japanese teachers to open children up to a completely different world.

It’s a celebration of a beautiful culture and a wonderful way to encourage imaginative thought processes, while also introducing diversity to little ones.

The interactive

This might look like a sandpit, but it isn’t a normal sandpit. It’s a magical sandpit. Watch carefully and you might see mountains of snow, and valleys of grass. Maybe a volcano will erupt, or an African safari will emerge. Quick, look! Is that a hot air balloon?

The iSandbox is what happens when sandpits become interactive. With a clever combination of a unique software program and a projector, this is a learning tool exclusive to Kool Kids that introduces endless possibilities to children.

Alongside other technologies used in centres, such as iPads, children are inspired to develop new skills and express ideas, whether it’s letting imaginary lava flow or blowing virtual bubbles.

The events

Maybe it’s a breakfast for Mother’s Day. Or Book Week, or NAIDOC Week, or Science Week, or another dress-up day. What will you wear for your dress-up? Or maybe it’s a show… you might get to pat a lizard!

Educators and children alike love experiencing regular shows and events at Kool Kids centres, along with special guests. It’s a wonderful way to bring the Kool Kids community together to engage and inspire, along with sharing more learning experiences and celebrations – and could be anything from marine life presentations to a Planet Earth show.

The Zen time

It’s been a big day, so now it’s time to breathe in… breathe out… breathe in again… and relax. Raise your arms to the ceiling; can you pretend to be a tree?

A specialised yoganastics program is the best way to get children relaxing after spending time in a busy environment. Specially designed to engage Kool Kids, they’ll end up feeling great, inside and out.

If this sounds like the perfect kind of day for your child, we’d love for you to come and experience a Kool Kids centre for yourself.

Speak to our Family Support Specialists and book a tour today by calling 1800 314 517.

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