We’re all in this together: How Kool Kids is sharing kindness in our community

We’ve guided our Kool Kids children through the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, teaching them the importance of handwashing, good hygiene and keeping a safe social distance.

And now it’s time to remember that childhood is a time for laughter and joy, as our “new normal” stretches into an unknown future.

Here are a few stories from our centres that have warmed our hearts. If the world has been getting you down, we hope they warm your heart too. 

Kool Kids Southport 

Fridays have been declared Fundays at Kool Kids Southport with our educators and children dressing up in loud shirts and colourful socks to end the week!

And it’s working a treat, with laughter and fun proving just the tonic the doctor ordered.

The centre has also been trying to lighten the load for families with a share basket of essential items in the foyer for parents to donate or take what they need. And the way the basket keeps filling up like a magic pudding just goes to show what a generous and thoughtful bunch of families we have at Kool Kids.

Another feature that has proven to be a hit is the community wall, where parents are encouraged to display information, business cards, job opportunities and menus.

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Kool Kids Mermaid Waters 

Our Mermaid Waters centre has taken to the footpath to share a message of hope, with the words: “in the midst of it all have the courage and be kind”. It’s drawn a lot of attention from families and people walking past, as has the group painting that the children created that has been hung on the front fence.

Kool Kids Clear Island Waters 

We’ve also been making sure that children who are self-isolating at home don’t feel left out. At Clear Island Waters the Junior Kindy 1 room has been sending a photo each day of activities at the centre so that they can participate at home.

Kool Kids Nerang

The team of educators at Kool Kids Nerang also took this opportunity to show off their amazing dance moves to keep their children and families smiling. Have a look at this video below and see if you can do their special dance.


What are you doing to spread kindness and show others that you are thinking of them at this time? We’d love to hear your stories.

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