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Good Nutrition in Care

With Nutrition Week taking place recently, we look at what it means to practice good nutrition, within and outside childcare settings. The Importance of Good Nutrition Nutritious food is essential throughout life for health and wellbeing. In young children, not only does it help their bodies grow and develop at a healthy rate, but it […]


Food Words & Experiences in Japanese!

Curry rice

Konnichiwa Parents and Caregivers! It has been a busy time for us over the past few weeks at the Kool Kids centres. The children have participated in a number of fun and educational Japanese learning activities that include one of our favourite things, food! Read on to see what we got up to:  Food & […]


Flexible Hours – The Need to Know

clock on desk

When the government’s new Child Care subsidy was introduced, the Westwood family thought that they would be better off. The reality however was that the out of pocket fees for their two children to attend early learning five days a week increased. This is because the amount of subsidised hours offered by the government under […]


Genki Japanese Newsletter for July

japanese art

Konnichiwa Parents and Caregivers! In the month of June, as part of Unit 5, we taught the children how we say some emotion words in Japanese. Learning Basic Emotion Words in Japanese  The children learnt how to say basic emotion words such as “URESHII(happy)”, ”KANASHII(sad)” and  ”OKORU(angry)” and ”ONAKA SUITA(hungry)” in Japanese. To naturally memorise those […]


Setting Routines for Big School

girl doing craft

Is your child soon heading to big school from preschool? One of the main factors for the success of this transition is the establishment of routines. Helping children adopt certain habits and behaviours from an early stage enables them to understand how the world around them works.   There are many benefits to establishing a […]


Genki June Japanese Newsletter

fish art

Konnichiwa Parents and Caregivers,  In the month of May we taught the children how to say basic body parts and face parts in Japanese. Learning basic body/face parts in Japanese  The children learnt how to say basic body parts such as “ATAMA(head)”, ”KATA(shoulders)”, ”HIZA(knees)” and ”ASHI(legs/toes)”. They also learnt basic face parts such as ME(eyes), MIMI(ears), […]


Genki Japanese Newsletter for March

Konnichiwa Parents and Caregivers,  Our 2018 Genki Japanese lessons have started, and we are so delighted to welcome all families into the new year! We would like to say: Hajimemashite (Nice to meet you) to our new families and children of Kool Kids. We look forward to teaching you Japanese this year! 2018 Genki Japanese […]


Prawn, Cherry Tomato & Feta Rissoni

A simple recipe with fresh Italian flavours, this prawn rissoni is perfect for lunch or dinner.  Ingredients Serves 4 350g rissoni pasta 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil 1 large onion, thinly sliced 3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 1 tbsp chilli flakes OR 1 fresh chopped red chilli   ½ cup white wine 500g cherry tomatoes, […]


Genki Japanese Newsletter for December

autumn leaves art

Konnichiwa (Hello!) Parents and Caregivers, welcome to our Genki Japanese Newsletter for December.   In the month of November, as part of Unit 10, we taught the children about direction and movement words. Learning about Direction – 2 word verbs   Last month, the children learned how to say some direction words in Japanese. These included […]