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Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age lays the foundation for lifelong health and wellbeing. At our Kool Kids Early Learning Centres, children enjoy a nutritious morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, all prepared daily by our in-house chefs.

Seasonal menus are offered in all Kool Kids centres. Created by Gold Coast Nutrition and Health Coach Karla Gilbert, the menus are fresh, healthy, brightly coloured and tasty enough to tempt even the fussiest of eaters!

Having been approved by a paediatric dietitian, all menus also meet Australian Dietary Guidelines and recommended requirements. You can rest easy knowing your child’s nutrition needs are met at Kool Kids while being exposed to a variety of delicious tastes and interesting textures, which helps significantly in nurturing healthy eating habits.

Kool Kids Philosophy

About Karla

Karla is an accredited Nutrition and Health Coach with a Certificate in Child Nutrition, Gold Coast local and a mum of two girls. Having previously won numerous world titles in the sport of Ironwoman racing, Karla is also a certified Level III and IV Fitness Trainer and a now even a competitor in the sport of stand-up paddle boarding.

“Eating healthy is an important life skill and it’s our responsibility as carers and parents to educate the importance of good nutrition, portion control and the resulting signals about satiety and mindful eating.

Void of refined sugars and fats, yet high in fibre and taste, the Kool Kids menus are created to allows children to experience a variety of foods in a safe and nurturing environment!”  – Karla Gilbert

The Menus

Kool Kids Childcare Centres in Gold Coast - New Menus

Click here to look at a Kool Kids menu sample and get a feel for our tasty treats.

You’ll notice that menus include Gold Coast favourites such as bliss balls and smoothies, along with new-and-improved yet classic favourites!

Parents of children at Kool Kids Early Learning Centres can find articles, recipes and advice on fussy eating from Karla online via the Kool Kids Community Cubby. We also work with parents to encourage fussy eaters in trying new textures and tastes at home as well as in-centre.

We enforce a strict NO NUT POLICY and have a separate management plan for children with special dietary requirements. We also actively adhere to medical needs of children with allergies diagnosed by a medical practitioner.

Click here to see some of the menu cards available in centre. Why not try recreating the recipes at home with your child?

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Tips and Tricks


As a mum of two girls, Karla Gilbert knows just how challenging it can be to encourage children to experience a range of healthy foods. And as a Nutrition and Health Coach, she has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to creating healthier habits – even when fussy taste buds are involved!

We’ve gathered Karla’s best tips to help make meal times easier, whether you’re trying to come up with a last-minute idea for dinner, or encouraging children to eat more at the table.

Get creative with a picnic

Why not add a bit of fun to mealtimes by serving up an outdoor picnic full of family favourites? Perfect for those warm summer nights on the Gold Coast, let Karla walk you through some ideas for a delicious dinner option that’s also quick and easy.

Involve the children

Whether it’s chatting about what happened at Kool Kids that day, or getting them involved in making their dinner, Karla has a few key ways to get children involved in preparing their own meals. It’s amazing what they can eat if they’ve been involved in the process!

Embrace the slow cooker

Coming home to a hot, delicious meal can be much easier by making the most of a slow cooker. Check out the video for Karla’s best slow cooker tips, and click here for the easy slow cooker spaghetti bolognaise recipe – always a favourite with the kids!



Kool Kids menus include a wide range of delicious fresh, healthy and tasty meals – and they’re also easy to recreate at home!

Check out the below recipes for inspiration, guidance or more information about what’s being served up at Kool Kids centres.


Easy to whip up in any blender, and perfect for those moments when you need a quick, nutritious snack, the frozen fruits in this smoothie make for a delicious consistency – and the oats keep little tummies fuller for longer!

Download the full recipe here


Bliss balls are becoming increasingly popular, and this homemade version is ideal for keeping those hunger pains at bay. Why not make them at home and keep them in the fridge for those “but I’m hungry NOW!” moments?

Download full recipe


Banana Cocoa Smoothie

Is there anything the Gold Coast loves more than a delicious smoothie? This is perfect for cooling both children and adults down on a hot summer day, and makes for a great snack!

Download full recipe


Cottage Beef Pie

Little bodies need high-quality, nutrient-dense meals to thrive, and this cottage beef pie recipe ticks all the boxes. It’s also a great meal to cook at home and stock in the freezer, ready for reheating on busy evenings.

Download full recipe

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